The following is a record of the positive achievements I’ve made. Some of them may seem trivial, but to me they’re all important. Social anxiety can make even the simplest tasks nearly impossible, so I’m going to list all social achievements, no matter how small–in the beginning, at least.

Also, this list is mainly for me–a reminder that I am moving forward–but I hope it motivates you, as well.

  1. 1/10: Meet up with a friend for lunch and tea
  2. 12/26: Saw some old friends from Kansas City (again, without my girlfriend)
  3. 12/25: Spent Christmas at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Kansas City (without my girlfriend). There was over twenty people there.
  4. 12/17 -19: Spent the weekend with my girlfriend’s family
  5. 12/16: Applied for 8 jobs at the public library
  6. 12/13: Went to lunch with my girlfriend’s family
  7. 12/2 and 12/5: Class presentations
  8. 11/24 – 26: Thanksgiving with my g/f’s family
  9. 11/20: Met up with someone from the Social Anxiety Support website
  10. 11/14: Met up with my g/f’s family for dinner; ended up staying the night at her brother’s house
  11. 11/13: Went to a wedding
  12. 11/11: Went to a lecture on sugar addiction (without my g.f)
  13. 11/4: Went to a book reading
  14. 11/2: I answered the phone even though I knew the conversation would be awkward
  15. 10/31: Went to a haunted house
  16. 10/30: Watched a baseball game with my girlfriend and part of her family
  17. 10/25: Went to dinner with my girlfriend and her former roommate (I should probably just start posting social situations that I attend absent of my g/f, as I rely too much on her when she comes.)
  18. 10/21 – 23: Spent the weekend with my girlfriend’s family
  19. 10/19: Had a group interview at a library; I also called and talked to three friends
  20. 10/17: I spent most of the day with my girlfriend and her father
  21. 10/15: I went to a group social situation–a “game night”–with seven people I didn’t know
  22. 10/11: I turned in a job application
  23. 10/7: I had an interview for an internship (I think I got it!)
  24. 10/4: Had lunch with my girlfriend, her father and sister-in-law
  25. 10/2: Went to a museum with someone I barely know
  26. 9/30: I called a friend and left a message when he didn’t answer, and I answered when he called back.
  27. 9/29: Answered the phone instead of letting it go to voice mail, checking it, rehearsing my lines, and then calling back.
  28. 9/29: Commented on someone’s Facebook status: Even though FB isn’t a live social situation, I still get anxious, especially when I post something personal.
  29. 9/28: Called my mom: Lately, I’ve been struggling with talking to her because we only talk about formalities and superficial subjects, instead of talking about things that matter to me. But I called her anyway.
  30. 9/25 – 26: Went camping with people I didn’t know
  31. 9/24: Talked to a stranger about the differences between trash and compost (awkward, but still worth noting).

7 responses to “Achievements

  1. hey, great start! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Good job, keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love this. It’s never occurred to me to do this. Where I just say ‘I’ve only gone here and here’ you’ve got the typed evidence and dates to go back and prove it to yourself if you’re having a wobble. Love it.

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