I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since I last blogged. So much has happened.

I’m still on the Nardil, which is going really well. Depression is in check as well as the anxiety for the most part. The worst side effect is the fact that I can only sleep about 5 to 6 hours a night. I get so tired during the day, yet I still can’t get enough sleep at night. I either can’t get to sleep or I wake up and can’t fall back asleep. Fortunately, my body has adapted to it. But sometimes it’s hard to function during the day. It’s a side effect though that I’m willing to live with. Nardil has been amazing thus far.

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. As many of you know, I am in graduate school for library and information science. I am also working at an accounting firm. I started work at the firm thinking that it would just be temporary until I graduate; however, the work has ignitated a fire inside of me that I haven’t felt in a long time. But now I’m left not knowing what to do. Should I finish school or should I just scrap library science altogether and get into an accounting program to get my CPA?

I am still passionate about libraries, but I love what I’m doing right now. I have four more classes to take until I graduate. I can only manage taking one class a semester, so I wouldn’t graduate until Decemeber 2012 at the earliest. That could be a lot of wasted time and money and effort if I’m just going to go right back to school after I gradate.

Logically, I tell myself that it’s four classes–I should just finish. But my gut is telling me to pursue accounting, no matter the costs. I’m constantly thinking about this which is probably adding to my sleep problems.

That’s a brief summary of what’s going on right now with me. I’ll post more later this week. I miss you all, andΒ I hope all is well. πŸ™‚

Oh and my tattoo is finished. Email me if you’d like to see a pic.


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  1. It’s a tough decision. Would you have to forfeit your entire degree that you’re working on now to do accounting? You’re so close!

    I’m glad to hear that the Nardil is working for you.

    • I’m not sure. I could probably take an extended leave from the program. I could always come back to it, but I think I have to finish the degree in five years or something like that.

  2. Speaking as a librarian, I’d have to say that accounting would be the more lucrative career field right now. (At least, I can say for sure that library jobs are hard to come by!) Perhaps do both, and then work in administration for a library?

    • I agree: accounting is always going to be a hot field. I mean, we live in a capitalist society – there’s always going to be a demand for accountants. That is one idea. Systems librarian is what I originally wanted to do, but I could probably get a job in the accounting department – but I imagine that would be detached from the library. I can’t imagine that there are any jobs out there that would require both a MLIS and accounting degree.

  3. Yeah medications were rough for me as any I took would usually make me very sleepy, and I could not find one that would keep me awake. I have never felt better since I stopped testing medications though, since I am now always working 40 hours per week in public, well around people all the time. So my anxiety is low enough that I don’t need that extra assistance in managing anxiety. But I have not overcome social anxiety yet. At least I can now leave the house. I would say whatever you find the most interesting or something doable, that is easier and what is closest to you to accomplish that you can make more than a living on.

    • I honestly don’t mind being sleepy. It’s the fact that I’m tired during the day and wide awake at night. I wish I could work from like 3 am to 11 am or something – that would be perfect.

      I’m happy to hear that you are managing your anxiety without drugs. I don’t think social anxiety is something we’ll ever overcome completely; we can only dial down the anxiety.

  4. Really glad your meds are making you more settled. Hope the sleep sorts itself out. πŸ™‚ Pixie

    • Thanks! Well, I got 7 hours on Monday night and 4 hours last night. Of course on Monday, I had a little help from a friend: Ambien. I’m averaging between 5 and 6 hours a night. I’m not too worried about it though. I’m getting a lot more done. I also read an article today that said that most anti-depressant suppress REM sleep – and it’s a good thing. The ideal dose suppress your REM while not resulting in too many side-effects. I always thought that not getting REM affects your cognitive abilities. I don’t notice much. I just feel great!

  5. Going back to school is soooo hard. I dropped out of my master’s program in 1992 (probably before you were born) and didn’t go back to finish until 2002 when I was married with a baby. It was really hard on me and my family and I felt like the old lady in the back of the class- because I was, lol. Take one class at a time if you have to- you will never regret a degree in accounting. Just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

  6. Wow a MAO-I. That must be hell, but if it works, then it might be worth it. I recently tried an anti-psychotic on top of my SSRI. It didn’t go so well.

    • it’s not bad at all, actually. Sleep issue is the main thing, but as long as I can function during the day, without at cognitive impairment, I’ll take the side-effects.

  7. Hey Mike πŸ™‚ I know that in the world we all live in and the set pace that everyone seems to follow, we feel that we have to go one way or the other. In my opinion… try do both. I’m not saying that you should over do it and overload your plate and take on two things at once, but … I guess what I’m saying is… Why not continue to get your Library and Info Science Major, along with getting a CPA later down the line. If you think about it, there are similarities and they all involve a form of needed “organization and structure” in there respected field. Right? I have a friend who studied at law school, finished, took the bar and didn’t pass. He ended up taking on Med School shortly after and is nearly finishing up his studies and will be retaking the Bar exam for law. I know it’s easier said than done and of course finances play a part, but if you can do what you want… then why not try.

    Anyways… I’m always happy to read new posts. I hope all is well. You still keeping up with your running? How did you do on your marathon? My half-marathon training hasn’t been going well this week, but I need to keep myself on track and that’s what I plan on doing.

    • Hey. You are right- there are a lot of similarities between accounting and information science. If anything, having both will help me.

      Running is going well. I finished under 2 hours for the half-marathon, which was my goal. It’s easy to get burned out so it may be good to have a down week or two while training.

      Always good to hear from you! πŸ™‚

  8. I’d probably finish the library and information science degree, just to be on the safe side – that might just be my pessimistic streak, but something you’ve already got in your pocket, nobody and nothing can take away from you again, so I’d just try to have something in my hands as soon as possible. Of course, I’m a “burned child” in that regard. πŸ˜‰

    It’s good to hear you are doing well, and I hope you’ll manage with the sleeping problems!

  9. Hey Mike, I once worked at the library and liked it, probably because I like to read and the quiet environment. If you can do both careers, great! the more the better, but don’t forget to take care of yourself also. Take care.

    • Taking care of myself is something I have been neglecting as of late. Just so busy. If I keep moving, then I don’t have time to think. But learning how to have down time – and be okay with that – is something I am working on. Thanks for the comment!

  10. Hey Mike!

    How are you doing?

    • Hey there. I’m super busy. I just started a new accounting job on Monday, and I’m studying for the GMAT to get into grad school for a MS Accounting to get my CPA. I’ll post a longer update soon. Hope everything’s good with you.

      Good to hear from you!

      • Likewise! Glad to hear from you, I had been wondering about how you’re doing. Good luck for your new job – sounds like you figured out what you want to do. I’m looking forward to your update! πŸ™‚

        I started university on Monday – it’s very stressful, but I hope to adjust to it eventually.

  11. I really miss you Mike. I hope things are going well for you & that you had a happy Christmas. XX

    • Hey there –

      Things are going well. Really busy. I promise I’ll make a post sometime here soon. Hope things are going well for you.

      Happy New Year!

  12. Hey Mike

    Happy New Year! I’m glad that things are going well for you. πŸ™‚

    I was going to write an update but kept waiting for the tension to completely go away. Though, it was gradually decreasing there are a few situations where it’s still there. Not for long though. Regardless, now in most cases that is issue is completely gone and finally feel “normal”. I was thinking if I should write “normal again” but I’m not sure if I ever felt like this “relaxed”. I’m certain that SA started at a very early age and perhaps SA symptoms were more specific to certain situations/people because I do remember a few situations where I wasn’t as tense as in recent years. Feels like most of my “contaminated” memory becoming “clean” again.

    Are you still checking your SAS account? If I contact you there regarding your tattoo pic, will you receive it?

    Take Care,


  13. Hello Mike,
    I know you’re busy, but I miss your blog and still wanted to nominate you for a “Liebster Blog Award”:

  14. Thank you so much! I need to get back in action. You’ve inspired me.

  15. πŸ˜€ !
    Don’t feel pressured, though. I miss reading your posts, but know all too well what it is like when you’re too busy for writing.

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