Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

two things I greatly dislike ..

.. and by greatly dislike, I mean hate.

First, I hate being referred to in the third person when someone is talking to someone else, and yet I’m present. It’s patronizing. And this only seems to happen when I’m around my girlfriend’s family. For example–

“I like the length of his beard and hair,” my girlfriend’s dad said to my girlfriend, while I was standing next to them.

“Does he know how to get home?” her brother asked her, while I was in the car.

“Can you picture Mike on the dance floor?” her other brother asked, as if I wasn’t there.

It’s like I’m there, but not really there.

Second, I hate it when someone is saying goodbye to a group and they shake everyone’s hands, except mine, give everyone hugs, but me, and wave goodbye and smile to everyone, but me. This happens a lot, and I’m left standing there feeling like an idiot (like I should have initiated some sort of goodbye), waving and smiling, without being acknowledged. It also leaves me feeling like I’ve done something wrong.

It’s as though as I don’t exist.

Does either of these things happen to any of you? Am I just blowing this way out of proportion, like most everything else?